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Performed to ISO9001 Quality Control International Standards

About us: It is extremely important to select the right company for your conversions. All our right hand drive vehicle conversions are “full conversions”. In particular the right hand steering box has been completely re-manufactured. After its remade, its moved to the right hand side of the vehicle. This is the exact same way a new vehicle is manufactured for a right hand drive country.

American Car Company has been founded on the long history of our families past involvement in the Automotive Industry. History that extends to owning motor vehicle dealerships going back to 1947. From used car outlets, to vehicle restoration, and importing classic Mustang vehicles. Consequently, we have long been involved in all facets of the automotive industry.

American Car Company’s origins can be traced back 1987. That is where the first right hand drive vehicle conversions for us started. From there, what we have learnt over the years has helped us to excel. Helped us to evolve into the great business we are today.  We first converted a 1968 Pontiac Firebird with the 400 CID (6.6 litre) engine. That was almost 30 years ago. From there, the rest is history.

Today, 28 years later, American Car Company specialises in the sales of right hand drive American pick-up trucks. In particular the Dodge Ram 1500 / Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra & Denali / Ford F Series Trucks and the Toyota Tundra.


Our right hand drive vehicle conversions are a ‘‘full conversion”. This means the steering box is moved to the right side during the conversion process. Think about when a new car is manufactured. Further, you will find our converted vehicles “second to none” within the industry. Our cars are converted with tremendous attention to detail. This provides an unmatched factory quality conversion. All vehicles are completed to ISO9001 quality standards. Therefore, we can give the biggest conversion warranty in the business. 24 months. This is further backed by a big mechanical warranty program. In addition to the conversion warranty you get a three year mechanical warranty. This warranty can then be extended another two or four years, that’s up to 7 years.

We believe in integrity and great customer service, offering the best quality vehicles that money can buy…. We welcome you aboard as part of our ongoing success…

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(Original letters on file)

Dodge Ram

Hi Peter, I felt I have to send you a big thank you, for the best customer service that I have ever experienced in purchasing a new vehicle. You guys are the best …
JT, Toowoomba QLD

Peter and Catherine what a relief to find your company. As you know I purchased a Dodge Ram from another company four years ago. We had continual problems with that vehicle conversion, and the customer service from that particular company was non-existent despite their advertising material saying how good they are. With you guys any little problem that arose, you took care of straight away. In conclusion anyone considering buying a new Dodge Ram should only consider American Car Company …
HB, North QLD

Thank you American Car Company… Right from the beginning, from the very first phone call you were honest and straight-forward, this is seldom found in the automotive industry. Finally, thank you for collecting us and returning us to the Gold Coast Airport. Furthermore, we mention your Company every-time someone looks at our Dodge Ram truck. Say hi to Catherine for me…
AB, Newcastle, NSW

Super Snake

I purchased a Shelby Super Snake from American Car Company three years ago and have had no problems whatsoever with the right hand drive conversion. In fact it is the best right hand drive conversion that I have ever driven. American Car Company were extremely obliging right through to the point of delivery and beyond. They even accompanied me to the Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure I had no problems with registration, and then fitted the registration plates for me. Finally a great conversion Company…
EJ, Cairns North QLD