Buyer Beware


What several of our
competitors are doing…

Buyer Beware. Not all Australian conversion companies move the steering box to the right hand side during the conversion process…

There are several companies that keep the existing steering box on the left side. They add two gear boxes and a cross shaft to transfer the movement from the steering wheel, increasing the number of components in the steering system. The play can increase the play in the steering system and consequently increases the turning circle of the vehicle. This is commonly referred to as a South-Paw Conversion (“SPC”) or a Cross Shaft Conversion (”CSC”). This saves the conversion company a lot of time, and as a result, saves money.

Unfortunately, most people that end up with one of these vehicles generally never realised it at the time.

You may save some money at the point of purchase, but to move the steering box over afterward is far more difficult to do than during the conversion process. Before purchasing any converted vehicle make sure you check to see what type of conversion was used. Of course these companies will tell you that their conversions are good. They may even market them as a ”Factory Front End”. Buyer Beware! If they were as good as they claim, then the Department of Infrastructure (the Australian Government) would not be clearly stating on their website that this is ”NOT the preferred method of conversion”. Remember this comes from the Australian Government…

The South Paw, Cross Shaft and Chain Drive conversion methods can comply under the Australian Design Rules (but they are no longer allowed for passenger vehicles). They only apply to commercial vehicles.

If this system is not good enough for a passenger vehicle, hence how can it be good enough for your vehicle?

We had one of these vehicles in our workshop recently incidentally. It had dash rattles and vibrations. Not only was it a South Paw conversion, but it had no passenger airbag fitted, so then, how safe is that? The dash was a cut and shut, the centre piece was replaced and the two end caps were then added.

During the 1970’s and 80’s it was common to convert vehicles leaving the steering box on the left side and use a chain drive process. I owned a old Mustang that was South-Paw Converted. It utilised two sprockets and light weight motorcycle chain to transfer the action of the steering wheel to the left hand side steering box. I always wondered when driving the car, what would happen if it slipped the chain… By the way, I think we all know the answer to that.

How common is the South Paw or Cross Shaft conversion?

Are you just trying to scare me?

Way more common than you think. Many of the American pick-up trucks that are advertised for sale, are converted this way. If you are looking for a cheaper price, it’s a good possibly this is where you will end up as a result…

What we do at
American Car Company…

At American Car Company, all our conversions are “Full Conversions”. This means a right hand steering box is fitted to the right hand side of the vehicle. Giving you the best possible conversion process. No extra gear boxes or cross shafts.

All our dash panels, are moulded one piece for each particular vehicle model.

Buying a new Pick-up truck should not be all about the price, you need to consider more carefully who you are dealing with. This is a major investment. You need to consider the method of conversion, quality of workmanship, customer service and support. Support both before and after the purchase. Remember for a Company to supply the cheapest price on a vehicle, only sets boundaries on what can be delivered. Protect your investment and insist on a “quality full conversion”.

At American Car Company we have a good assortment of vehicles on hand for immediate delivery. This is from our Gold Coast facility. All vehicles are covered by a conversion warranty, and an additional three year warranty.  This is a warranty that can be extended to five years, with 1000 repair centres Australia wide.

Top quality conversions, better vehicle pricing, combined with great customer service. There is only one real choice, Queensland’s own… American Car Company.

If you are interested in reading more about South Paw and Cross Shaft Conversions, please click the link at the bottom of the page for further details.

Lower priced offers can seem attractive but break-downs and continual problems relating to the conversion can be very frustrating, costly and time consuming.

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For additional information from the Department of Infrastructure, on South Paw & Cross Shaft Conversions, click here.