Wind Deflector Silverado / Sierra – 4 pce set

Wind Deflector Silverado / Sierra – 4 pce set

$180.91 inc. GST


Wind Deflector Denali, Wind Deflector Silverado, Wind Deflector Denali, Wind Deflector Chevy Silverado

Wind Deflector Denali, GMC Sierra, Chevy Silverado – 4 piece set

These wind deflector Denali and wind deflector Silverado are a very popular accessory item on the trucks that we sell.  While still keeping a high level of visual appeal, it also provides a lot of function and utility to the vehicle.  This includes benefits of allowing fresh air in the cab, while helping to keep out the rain, and snow.  This is beneficial for a smoker, because often windows will be down while smoking.  This product is a custom made wind deflector. Made in the USA. Moulded to fit this vehicle specifically.  Don’t become tempted by cheaper imitations, you wouldn’t want inferior accessories installed on your premium vehicle!

Wind Deflector GMC Denali, wind deflector silverado wind deflector gmc, wind deflector silverado

  • Quality: Made with the highest grade material. Constructed of finest high-impact acrylic, they install easy with 3m tape.
  • Rainproof:  One of the product feature is that it allows windows to be opened a little bit, while keeping the rain water out.  This also lets fresh air in, and helps to prevent the windows from fogging.
  • Less wind noise:  Fresh air is great to have circulating the car, it also allows interior heat to escape. Getting fresh air requires the open windows. This process while driving usually becomes very noisy. Window deflectors will help reduce the wind noise while driving with windows partially open.
  • Simple Installation: Installs easily with the included 3M adhesive tape (already moulded onto the deflector set). No further modifications needed.
Wind Deflector GMC Denali

Wind deflector set on a GMC Denali.

wind deflector denali, wind deflector silverado

Price: $229 Installed    $199 Self-Install


  • Fits for 2014-2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Pickup & 2015-2017 Chevy Silverado 2500 3500 Crew Cab Pickup & 2014-2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Pickup
  • Material: High Quality Acrylic | Colour: Dark Smoke

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