Stage 1 Performance Pack – Chevrolet & GMC

Stage 1 Performance Pack – Chevrolet & GMC

$1,204.55 inc. GST


Available Performance Upgrade for your vehicle

Performance Upgrade GMC, Performance Upgrade Silverado, Performance Upgrade Chevrolet 

Performance Upgrade GMC, Performance Upgrade Silverado.  They will all save you money by improving the vehicles performance and economy, now is the time to consider adding them to your vehicle purchase…  The performance packs and prices vary on the brand and model of the vehicle.

Increasing the engines overall performance is something that would appeal to most vehicle owners. The stock factory intake system is a very restricting parts on your vehicle.  This can happen by the limiting the amount of air the engine receives. Replacing the stock cold air intake alone will add a good amount of horsepower and torque.  This torque and horsepower you can hear and feel. Essentially, the more air the engine gets the more power it will produce.   We currently offer four (4) stages of performance packs.  Each stage of performance provides progressively more performance than the previous one.

Stage 1 Performance Pack:

Performance Upgrade GMC, Performance Upgrade Silverado

Contains: Pro HP Tuner (USA made)   

|  Supply:  $1325  | Delivery:  $24-$55 | Installed: $1,495 |

Note: Package installation includes the professional fitment, full vehicle diagnostic check and road testing.

This alone adds up to 60hp & 90 ft/lbs torque. There are four different tunes to choose from, which include: stock, tow, economy, and performance.  The economy mode is designed to save on fuel. Tow mode for towing, but also has a benefit of fuel saving when towing. The performance mode will increases the turbo boost throughout the entire RPM range.

Adds power: 45kWs / 60hp

Adds torque: 122 Nm / 90 ft/lbs

 Performance Upgrade GMC, Performance Upgrade Silverado

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Stage 1 Performance Pack – Supply Only, Stage 1 Performance Pack – Installed